Hudson’s Most Played Albums of 2013

It’s one thing to create a list of what you feel are the best albums of the year. Everybody does it, including myself a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been doing it for over twenty years, and probably will for the rest of my life.

Does a list of that sort truly reflect what one actually listened to, though? I’d say for a vast majority of people the answer is no. This is especially true when a record has an individual track or two that becomes your soundtrack to the year. Another album may be the year’s greatest artistic endeavor, but the one with your favorite song notches up the plays.

Generally, I have no idea if there’s any difference between what I like and what I actually have playing. This year I do! I’m one of those geeks who utilizes Last.FM to track what I’m playing. For those who don’t know about Last.FM, it’s an add-on to your iTunes and devices that logs every artist, album, and song that you play.

I’ve been a Last.FM subscriber for years, but had never been able to narrow down the logged plays to the releases of the year. Today, I discovered, a site that filters out everything but this year’s music. Here is my most played albums of 2013 (which also includes reissues and box sets):

1. Superchunk, I Hate Music (Also happens to be my choice as the best album of the year.)

2. The Replacements, Songs For Slim (No shocker there!)

3. The Beatles, Live at the BBC, Volume 2

4. The Jam, The Gift (Deluxe Edition Reissue)


6. Grant Hart, The Argument (Maybe this should have been higher on my other list.)

7. Steve Earle & the Dukes (And Duchesses), The Lost Highway

8. The Cramps, File Under Sacred Music - Early Singles 1978-1981

9. Two Cow Garage, The Death of the Self Preservation Society

10. Bob Dylan, Another Self Portrait

11. Eels, Wonderful Glorious

12. The Breeders, LSXX (Last Splash 20th Anniversary Reissue)

13. Mind Spiders, Inhumanistic

14. The National, Trouble Will Find Me

15. Deerhunter, Monomania

16. Van Morrison, Moondance

17. Jake Bugg, Jake Bugg

18. David Bowie, The Next Day

19. Billy Bragg, Life’s a Riot With Spy Vs. Spy

20. Waxahatchee, Cerulean Salt

21. Harry Nillsson, Aerial Ballet Reissue

22. Bottle Rockets, Bottle Rockets and The Brooklyn Side Reissue

23. The Band, Live at the Academy of Music 1971

24. Tim Easton, Before the Revolution - The Best of 1998-2011

25. Neo Boys, Sooner of Later

26. Paul McCartney, New

27. Tommy Keene, Excitement at Your Feet

28. Nirvana, In Utero Reissue