Rotting Apple

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that’s a cheesy headline, but I’m in no mood to try to create something cute. I’ve decided tonight that I may be finished with Apple.

It’s not that I don’t like their products. I do. In fact, I love them. My old, original iPod is still used to record my podcasts. My iTouch is connected to my alarm clock to wake me up to my silly music every morning. My iPhone fulfills my personal needs better than the Android that I previously owned, and I’ve loved each and every one of my iPads.

My most recent purchase was the brand new iPad Air, and it’s the best piece of hardware I’ve ever owned. It’s so much lighter than previous iPads, and it’s obscenely fast. Tasks that used to take a minute or so to accomplish now takes just a few seconds. More importantly to an old man like me whose glasses aren’t always perfectly clean, the resolution is amazing. I can actually read the magazines in my fabulous NextIssue app. (BTW, NextIssue’s $15 a month for over 100 magazines is a great deal.)

Nope, it’s not the actual products that are making me swear off the company. It’s that piece of garbage iTunes that makes me want to toss all Apple products off a tall, tall building.

iTunes has always been the bane of the company, but every update makes it worse and worse. Anybody that follows me on Facebook and twitter is well aware of my frustration. I’ve lost libraries that have taken days to rebuild. It’s incredibly slow and a resource hog. Each update has also taken away needed features for proper music management. For example, the search function is now almost completely useless.

Despite these frustrations, iTunes has for the most part done its primary job - loading music (and other forms of media) onto iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Until now.

My week of frustration began on Monday when the iPad Air showed up at my house. I purchased the 128 gig version for one main reason - music. I wanted to fill the device with new and old tunes. Previously, I loaded “new releases” on my iPad and a mixture of recently acquired material on the iPhone. For this new toy, I created a 90 gig smart playlist that would guarantee that I’d always have plenty of tunes.

Or so I thought. The music began to load on my first connection to iTunes…and then stopped at 1500 or so songs. The space was allocated, but over 90% of the songs were greyed out as not actually on the device. What? I tried again. The same problem. The rest of the week has then progressed into experimentation. Turn off iCloud? The same thing. Change the size and scope of the playist? No improvement. I clicked this on and that off. I cleared the device over and over and began again to no avail.

Ok, maybe I had a defective iPad Air. Nope. I sync’d my iPhone for the first time in weeks, and suddenly I only had a few hundred songs. Again, the space was allocated and all 7,000 songs were listed, but most were not actually on the phone.

So this entire week has been spent trying to fix not one but two devices…or rather, the piece of you know what software that manages the devices. Too bad Apple won’t actually help. Their forums show pages and pages of people with similar issues, and nowhere does anybody come back and say Apple was helpful.

It’s ridiculous. I get that I’m not a typical Apple customer. I have a library of well over 100,000 songs at a time when music libraries means little to their average customer. But isn’t music management one of the simplest functions? I would have never purchased a 128 gig tablet if I couldn’t fill it with tunes, as I don’t rent or buy movies or video games.

I’m not giving up, though. If anybody reading this has any ideas on how to tweak iTunes to accommodate my needs, please send an email to I’ll be forever in debt it you can help me out!